About Us

Welltech Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 in
Taipei, Taiwan with the aim of linking people and the
technologies, and has been an integral part of the
community for over a decade. Our company is
committed to promoting better Communications and 
Networking solutions to our customers through our
strong knowledge and expertise in Voice over IP.

As the leading company in
VoIP in Taiwan and with
years of experience in H.323 and SIP protocol, Welltech has
successfully developed FXO and FXS gateways, IP-Phone, 
H.323 Gatekeeper, E1/T1 Trunk gateway, SIP Proxy Server,
USB phone and softphone and  become a VoIP expert.

The voice quality and total solution providing ability are the reason
why Welltech VoIP products are very popular in the market. From CPE side small
gateways to CO side truck gateways, Gatekeeper and SIP Proxy Server, Welltech
provided total VoIP solution to SOHO, multi-national corporations (MNCs), ITSP and
carrier market. The new product, router integrated with voice over IP functions that
support SIP protocol, is compliance with future communication trade.

Tel : +886 2 82265699
Fax : +886 2 82265799
Add : 8F-2, No. 258, Liancheng Road, ChungHo District 23553, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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