IP Phone LP-388, LP-388AIP Feature Phone

  • IEEE 802.3af PoE compliance [LP-388A]
  • Additional Function Keys
  • 2 Lines at one SIP Registration
  • Busy Lamp Indicator
  • Telephone Broadcasting
  • Certificated by ViTA



Application Note

Welltech IP Phone LP-388/388A series is a full-featured IP desktop
telephone. For ease-of-use functionality and ergonomic design,
home user or enterprise can integrate this state-of-the-art phone
into daily life. With two line buttons, user may switch and receive
different calls more handily. Welltech IP Phone LP-388/388A Built-in
2 Ethernet ports allows user to connect PC or network device
directly through IP phone without extra Hub. Based on innovative
technology, Welltech IP Phone LP-388/388A has many user-friendly
feature buttons, including Conference, Call Pick Up, Transfer,
Redial, Hold, etc. With high-quality speakerphone, user can enjoy
VoIP more conveniently. It is no doubt IP Phone LP-388/388A will
be the best choice for everyone with VoIP.



PoE Switch with IP Phone IP-PBX application (AN_c006)

  • PoE Save Your Power Infrastructure Cost
  • Keep telephone working when City power is failure
  • MIS Room support UPS for power backup
  • QoS with Four Priority Queues

Service Call Center APP LP-600/LP-388A (AN_c007)

  • The application design for Service / Call Center
  • LP-388A with 802.3af PoE-PD compliance
  • WPoES-8262 with 802.3af PoE-PSE compliance
  • For Supervisor to control and monitor Agent's status
  • Agents using Headset Mode talk and serve incoming calls
  • LP-600 and LP-388A support Multiple Programmable Function Keys

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