WellGate™ 2680 8-ports VoIP FXO Gateway
Higher Capability VoIP FXO Gateway for Large-Scale deployment and management,
Connect to TDM PABX Extension, Direct Connect with PSTN Line

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Application Note

  • Higher Capability VoIP FXO Gateway
    Build-in 8 ports FXO for large-scale deployment and
  • Enhanced VoIP service
    Designed 1 WAN, and 4 LAN for diverse networking
    environment. Provide Call Detail Record, to extend the
    service into enterprise client, Call-Shop, Apartment, etc.
  • Advanced Enterprise Business
    Bundle with SIP-PBX 6200x series IP-PBX, to advance
    your business and VoIP calls over internet.
  • Ideally suited for Enterprise use, rich-features
    are designed to interwork with IP-PBXs for small
    and Middle enterprises.
  • Carrier-grade features are supported and tested
    to be fully interoperable with leading
  • Interoperability tested with marketing leading

    Be tested with marketing leading IP-PBX, such as Alcatel,
    Lucent, Siemens etc.


WellGate 2680 is an 8-ports FXO VoIP gateway to connect
with PSTN line, PABX extension port, and includes
1-WAN/4-LAN 10/100 base-T NAT for diverse network
environment. Field-proven quality of Voice communication
and Fax transmission over IP broadband access network
to make WellGate 2680 to be an excellent solution for
various VoIP applications.


IP Office Application (AN_c007)

  • Evolve to IP Office with IP-PBX
  • Unify Data, Voice, Fax together in office
  • FXO gateway connect to PSTN or digital PBX's extension port
  • FXS connect with POTs phone or FAX machine

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