WellGate 26448-port VoIP with 4-FXS plus 4-FXO Gateway

WellGate 2644 is suitable to migrate from existing TDM digital PABX or Telephone call to
make VoIP calls without changing existing call scenario, cable layout and dial plan.
Moreover, it provides flexible routing call to local PSTN company or to VoIP service
provider. When Wellgate 2644 is failed or lost of power, PSTN and PABX will be
connected directly (bypass mode) to backup PSTN incoming call to PABX.

It is also suitable for PSTN line Backup in IP-PBX FXO gateway application. A configurable
routing table is built-in WellGate 2644 to provide flexible routing rule among IP call, FXS
and FXO port automatically.

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Application Note

  • Higher Capability VoIP mixed FXS and PSTN

    Build-in 4 ports FXS and 4 ports FXO for flexible
    routing management.
  • Enhanced VoIP service
    Design 1-WAN and 4-LAN for diverse networking
    environment. Provide Call Detail Record to extend
    the service into enterprise client, Call-Shop,
    Apartment and etc.
  • Advanced Enterprise Business
    Bundle with SIP-PBX 6200 series IP-PBX, to
    advance your business and voice call over internet.
  • Suitable for Enterprise use, rich-features are
    designed to interwork with IP-PBXs for small
    and middle enterprises.
  • Carrier-grade features are supported and
    tested to be fully interoperable with leading
  • Interoperability tested with marketing leading

    Be compatible with marketing leading IP-PBX, such
    as Alcatel, Lucent, Siemens etc.


WellGate 2644 is a VoIP gateway combined 4-ports FXS
and 4-ports FXO, to connect with analog phones (POTS)
and direct connect to PSTN. Includes 1-WAN/4-LAN
10/100 base-T NAT for diverse network environment.
Field-proven quality of Voice communication and Fax
transmission over IP broadband access network to make
WellGate 2644 being an excellent solution for various
VoIP applications.


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