EOC Ethernet over Coaxial Converter


High Speed Ethernet over Coaxial Video Cable

Compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3u Specification

Auto-negotiation for 10/100Base-T, Auto MDIX supported

Accept attenuation (signal loss) up to 73dB

Support Multiple IP Cameras and Network Devices

Point to multiple points (up to four devices), Cascade connection

Mode selection on Server and Repeater (Client)

Product Introduction

EOC allows IP network devices such as IP Camera to communicate over Coaxial cable freely.
By using legacy cables, EOC help to cut your installation costs to provide IP Camera and
Ethernet Services. It is highly reliable and very easy to install. EOC are installed in pairs at
both ends of Coaxial Cable. Moreover, EOC provide point to multiple points up to four devices
and Cascade connections.

High-Speed Ethernet Over Coaxial
EOC provide 10/100BaseT-T Ethernet over Coaxial Cable. EOC should work in pairs at both ends of cable.
No need additional IPs and No need to set up at both sides' Ethernet devices. Fully transparent 100BasT
Ethernet over two ends. Green LED R to indicate Ethernet traffics are under transmitting.


Compatible to existing Coaxial Cable
EOC is compatible with existing 75 ohms BNC connector and
RG59 cable or similar type.


Server and Repeater (Client) configurable
EOC can be set up to be either Server mode or Repeater mode by DIP Switch. The Ethernet RJ45 port
of Server mode was connected to Ethernet Switch/Router/Local network (known as UP-Link), whereas
Repeater mode was connected at client site which supports multiple network devices.

A DIP switch (H/L) was selected to transmit High or Low signal strength over Coaxial cable in order to
meet different quality and length of cable.

Point to Point connection in pairs
EOC works in pairs over both ends of cable. Server mode connects to UP-Link of Ethernet. However
Repeater mode (Client) connects to remote site with multiple network devices.


Point to Multiple connection
One Server Mode EOC connect up to four units EOC of Repeater (client) mode at remote site. This
configuration delivers Ethernet services to multiple places or rooms.


Cascade Connection
Several EOC cascade several units to extend Ethernet service range due to the signal loss at existing
cable. Having a variety of connection, EOC provide a wide range of Ethernet Services over cable.






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