WellSIP 6500Telephony SIP Proxy Server


Fully Redundant !


The Welltech WellSIP 6500 series SIP Telephony Server is the best choice
to your convergence VOIP network which covert the requirements from
enterprise to service provider. With built-in rich telephony services, WellSIP 6500
enables traditional PABX features to your VOIP convergence platform.
Also you can easily upgrade the license or provide the high available service
according to the growth of your business without any hardware changes.


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Multiple Advantages

  • Intelligent Call Routing
    WellSIP 6500 provides multiple service routing polices to meet different
    service providers' requirements (e.g. load balancing, priority, most idle etc.)
    It enables service provider to tell how to route the call depending on the call
    results or predefined rules. The incoming prefix match and outgoing prefix
    insert provides a very easy way to manage your VOIP exchange service.


  • Easy to Configure and Management
    Full web management interface make you to manage your WellSIP 6500
    anywhere of the world. You don't need remember the command lines or
    operate it on the specified console. Also the system event notice features
    keep you the system status updated remotely.


  • NAT On-Demanded Traversal
    Due to the lack of IPV4 address, a lot of customer is using NAT for their
    network. WellSIP 6500 provides the NAT on-demanded traversal which will
    only route the voice when needed. It saves the bandwidth and provides
    better voice quality compare to route each call voice back to server. No CPE
    modification is required.


  • Voice NAT/Firewall Router
    With built-in SIP and voice routing features, WellSIP 6500 provides a secure
    and easy way to migrate your Voice IP PBX solution. It acts as a NAT router
    and firewall role which voice RTP port is only opened when SIP signaling is
    established successfully.


  • Rich Telephony Service
    The WellSIP 6500 provides build-in rich set of telephony service which
    enables the service provider quick time to market to delivery their service
    to their customers. By cooperating to Welltech IPCentrex 6850, the service
    provider can provide Announcement, Auto Attendant, VMS, Conference and
    CRBT etc. immediately.


  • Multiple Access to Receive Calls Anywhere
    With provided SIP TCP and UDP protocol, WellSIP 6500 can accept both
    type of signals and do the conversion when needed. For each protocol,
    WellSIP 6500 can support up-to 3 service ports which enabling to receive
    SIP service anywhere of world. Also WellSIP 6500 provides the SIP and RTP
    packets encryption/decryption features to breakthrough the ISR blocking of
    your SIP service.


  • High Availability Redundant
    WellSIP 6500 provides high availability VOIP service by using active and
    stand-by redundant technologic which provides hot standby and hitless fail-
    over for stable call to reach mission-critical service requirement. It keeps
    your service continues running.


  • Microsoft Unified Communication Server Integration
    WellSIP 6500 can work with Microsoft Live Communication Server as a total
    solution to meet the enterprise communication requirement. Without any
    extra settings in Live Communication Server, WellSIP 6500 connecting your
    Office Communicator to PSTN and VOIP world. Also the WellSIP 6500 can
    becomes a perfect connecting in between Exchange 2007 and PSTN/VOIP.

Selected Features

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Call Forwarded Notice
  • Call Screening
  • Caller ID Privacy
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Call Pickup (Global, Group)
  • Specified Call Pickup
  • Find Me
  • Short Code
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Miss Call Notify by Email
  • ANI Replacement
  • Call Return
  • Hide ANI/Show ANI Selection
  • Call Park/Retrieve
  • Call Camp on
  • Display Name Replacement
  • PSTN Number
  • Ring PSTN & IP Device Simultaneously
  • Support Bandwidth Control based on Codec Allowance List
  • Support Quality of Service (DiffServ and TOS)
  • Support Automatic Subscribe for MWI and Presence Service
  • Support Event Notice for Register or no Response Failure
  • Support Reject Anonymous Call Service
  • Support ENUM
  • Support Busy Lamp Field (BLF) based on RFC 4235
  • Support Register to Soft-Switch (UAC) DID
  • Least Cost Routing *1
  • Quality of Service Routing *1
  • Bandwidth Control based on Codec Allowance List
  • Quality of Service (DiffServ and TOS)
  • Display Subscriber Status in Subscriber list
  • External DB (MS-SQL only)
  • Log Filter Based on ANI, DNIS or IP
  • Local Time Zone for Missed Call
  • Local Time RADIUS Format
  • Automatic Subscribe for MWI and Presence Service
  • Event Notice for Register or no Response Failure
  • Reject Anonymous Call Service
  • ENUM NAPTR Query
  • Anonymous Incoming Call to Subscriber
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) based on RFC 4235
  • Server-based Call Forward 302
  • Server Hold Tone *2
  • Register to SoftSwitch (UAC) DID
  • SIP TAPI from http://www.enum.at (Outlook Integration)
  • Broadcasting Real Time Subscriber Status via UDP
  • Low Balance Announcement *1,*2
  • Call Routing Overflow Announcement *1
  • Diversion Header for VMS/IVR
  • Customer HTTPS Certificate
  • Subscriber Contact Information
  • Enable/Disable SNMP & ftp

    *1 WellBilling 6600 version 2.0 is required
    *2 Requires SIPIVR 6800GS or IP-Centrex 6850GS Resources

Ready-to-Run Value Added Service

  • System Announcement Service

  • Multi-Company Auto Attendant

  • Voice Mail Service

  • Coloring Ring Back Tone Service

  • Number Change Notice

  • Call Forward Notice

  • Call Forward Notice and Forward

  • Call Interception

  • Call Recording Service

  • IP Centrex

External RTP Resource WellRTP 5100

  • Up-to 384 RTP channels extension for WellSIP 6500

  • Subscriber Selectable

  • Automatically load balancing by WellSIP 6500

Application Examples

  • VOIP Core Service

  • VOIP Class 5 Subscriber Service

  • Internet Exchange Service Center

  • Hosted IP-PBX

  • Medium to Large Enterprise IP-PBX

  • VOIP Call Center

  • Microsoft LCS 2005 Integration

  • Exchange 2007 Integration


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