WellBG 5800 Session Border Controller



WellBG 5800 is a SIP-aware Session Broader Controller which provides a
cost-effective solution to deploy VOIP services. It offers automatic NAT detection
& transversal, SIP signaling conversion, network topologic protect and greatly
decreased the soft-switch loading.

Key Features

  • Free NAT Connections from SIP Proxy or Soft-Switch
  • Easy Plug and Play without Pre-setting Subscriber
  • Up-to 3 UDP service ports
  • Auto NAT Detect and Traversal
  • Support Audio and Video NAT Traversal
  • Authentication Cryptography Bypass
  • Global NAT Group/IP Definition
  • Black List/White List of ANI and IP
  • Call Protection for non-Registered User
  • Register Protection for Authentication-Failed User
  • Call Keep Live Validation
  • Provides Call Detail Record
  • Call Statistic Report and Subscriber Status Monitor
  • Real Time RADIUS Billing Message
  • RFC 3261 Comply
  • Support SIP Call Hold and Call Transfer
  • Support external RTP resource server
  • Support VOIP Recorder
  • Support 2 Ethernet Legs for Voice Router/Firewall
  • Support Network Failure Backup
  • Support N+1 Redundant

Application Example

  • Hosted PABX Customer Side SBC
  • Hosted Call Center Customer Side VOIP Recording
  • Soft-Switch Server Side SBC
  • Lawful Interception for Soft-Switch


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