WellGate 5260 T1/E1 ISDN Trunking Gateway



WellGate 5260 is an UNIVERSAL VOIP GATEWAY which navigates the calls in
between H.323, SIP and PSTN freely
, not simple PSTN to VOIP calls or vice verse. It
can easily implement SIP and PSTN, H.323 and PSTN, SIP and H.323, SIP and SIP,
H.323 and H.323 calls simultaneously
. With built-in PSTN/VOIP IVR helps service
provider to establish their own voice service platform quick. It is suitable for application
of Pre-paid Calling card service termination. The built-in both ways IVR provide flexible
function for termination and Pin code authentication announcement.

WellGate 5260 provides an easy to use web-based managing interface.
Administrator can use the web based drag and drop call-flow editor to
design their VOIP service very quick and without losing any flexibilities. A web
-based voice prompt management GUI is also provided to simplify the
deployment of IVR related service.

WellGate 5260 provides three models as follows.

  • WellGate 5260-1, one line T1/E1 trunk gateway 
  • WellGate 5260-2, two lines T1/E1 trunk gateway 
  • WellGate 5260-4, four lines T1/E1 trunk gateway 

It supports ISDN PRI, CAS, R2 and Q-SIG protocol over T1/E1 line to connect to
PSTN switch or PABX.


Key Features

  • Navigate Call Freely in SIP, H.323 and PSTN
  • Support SIP RFC 3261 and ITU-T H.323 V5 Simultaneously
  • Up to 4 Programmable E1/T1 Trunks
  • PSTN Signaling: ISDN/PRI, CAS, MFC R2, QSIG , SS7
  • Support Audio Codec G.711, G.723.1, G.729A, GSM
  • SIP to PSTN Call and vice versa
  • H.323 to PSTN Call and vice versa
  • H.323 to SIP Call and vice versa
  • SIP to SIP Call
  • H.323 to H.323 Call
  • Support up-to 16 Multiple SIP Proxy Servers
  • Support SIP Proxy, Gatekeeper and P2P Calls Simultaneously
  • Built-in Universal VOIP Address Book
  • Support Early Media and SIP Delay Media
  • Support RADIUS Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
  • Intelligent PSTN Call Routing and in-Trunk Hunting
  • Support Flexible VOIP Routing and Account Code
  • Flexible Digit Manipulation Plan
  • Support Calling/Called Number Replacement
  • In-band and out of Band DTMF Transmission
  • T.38 Fax Relay up to 14400 bps
  • Dynamic Call Treatment Based on Drag and Drop Call Flow Editor
  • Built-in PSTN and VOIP IVR
  • Provides Call Detail Record
  • Full Web Management Interface
  • Comply with RoHS
  • Support up-to 16 SIP Register/Outbound Proxy Servers
  • Support IP Access Control List with Account Code
  • Support IP, ANI, DNIS ACL Group
  • Added VOIP Hunting Features
  • Support VOIP Hunting based on Priority & Weekday/Time
  • Support PSTN Line Hunting based on Time
  • Made in Taiwan

Application Example

1. VoIP service provider application is such as terminated an incoming
call from IP network to local PSTN network or vice versa. The RADIUS
type Billing AAA protocol to work with Billing server to provide pre-paid
and post-paid service.

  • Web GUI
  • Support SIP/H.323
  • Programmable E1/T1
  • G.723.1/G.729A/G.711
  • T.38 Fax/DTMF Relay
  • SIP <> PSTN Call
  • H.323 <> PSTN Call
  • NAT Friendly
  • Flexible Call Control

2. Hosted IVR Services.

No matter an PSTN incoming or SIP device incoming call, the Hosted IVR
6800 provide IVR prompt according to your desired business model.

3. Support both SIP and H323 protocol Simultaneously.

WellGate 5260 T1/E1 Gateway is able to implement both SIP and H.323
protocol simultaneously to terminate IP call to PSTN line or route PSTN
incoming call to IP network according to call flow editor with SIP or
H323 protocol.


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