WellSIP 6550

higher capacity Telephony SIP Proxy Server up to 100,000 registration users

WellSIP 6550 SIP Proxy Fully Redundant !

  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • Easy to Configure and Management
  • NAT On-Demanded Traversal
  • Voice NAT/Firewall Router
  • Rich Telephony Service
  • Multiple Access to Receive Calls
  • High Availability Redundant
  • Microsoft Live Communicator Server
    2005 Integration



Welltech WellSIP 6550 SIP Telephony proxy Server is
the best choice to your convergence VOIP network
covert the requirements from enterprise to service
provider. With built-in rich telephony services, WellSIP
6550 enables traditional PABX features to your VOIP
convergence platform
. Also you can easily upgrade the
license or provide the high available service according to
the growth of your business without any hardware

WellSIP 6550 provide capacity up to 100,000 registration
users and 10,000 concurrent calls. It is not only an ITSP
carrier grade NGN softswitch but also an Hosted IP-PBX
Telephony solution.

Here are some guide line of application note.


Online Demo

provides an tutorial configuration guide to WellSIP 6500 and 6550. There are no much
differences between 6550 ( 100K users ) and 6500 ( 20K users ) web page interface.
Please click the following title to start on-line demo program.


Multiple Advantages

  • Intelligent Call Routing
    WellSIP 6500 provides multiple service routing polices to meet different service
    providers’ requirements (e.g. load balancing, priority, most idle etc.) It enables
    service provider to tell how to route the call depending on the call results or
    predefined rules. The incoming prefix match and outgoing prefix insert provides
    a very easy way to manage your VOIP exchange service.
  • Easy to Configure and Management
    Full web management interface make you to manage your WellSIP 6550
    anywhere of the world. You don’t need remember the command lines or operate
    it on the specified console. Also the system event notice features keep you the
    system status updated remotely.
  • NAT On-Demanded Traversal
    Due to the lack of IPV4 address, a lot of customer is using NAT for their network.
    WellSIP 6550 provides the NAT on-demanded traversal which will only route the
    voice when needed. It saves the bandwidth and provides better voice quality
    compare to route each call voice back to server. No CPE modification is
    required. ** (External RTP server is required)
  • Voice NAT/Firewall Router
    With built-in SIP and voice routing features, WellSIP 6550 provides a secure and
    easy way to migrate your Voice IP PBX solution. It acts as a NAT router and
    firewall role which voice RTP port is only opened when SIP signaling is
    established successfully.
  • Rich Telephony Service
    The WellSIP 6550 provides build-in rich set of telephony service which enables
    the service provider quick time to market to delivery their service to their
    customers. By cooperating to Welltech IPCentrex 6850, the service provider
    can provide Announcement, Auto Attendant, VMS, CRBT etc. immediately.
  • Multiple Access to Receive Calls Anywhere
    With provided SIP TCP and UDP protocol, WellSIP 6550 can accept both type of
    signals and do the conversion when needed. For each protocol, WellSIP 6550
    can support up-to 3 service ports which enabling to receive SIP service
    anywhere of world. Also a proprietary voice and SIP encryption can break
    through all ISP blockings.
  • High Availability Redundant
    WellSIP 6550 provides high availability VOIP service by using active and stand
    -by redundant technology which provides hot standby and hitless fail-over for
    stable call to reach mission-critical service requirement. It keeps your service
    continues running.
  • Microsoft Live Communicator Server 2005 Integration
    WellSIP 6550 can work with Microsoft Live Communication Server 2005 as a total
    solution to meet the enterprise communication requirement. Without any extra
    settings in LCS 2005, WellSIP 6550 is able to provide all features that WellSIP
    6550 provided. Both of your SIP phone and Office Communicator can ring to talk


  • Dimension: 2U, 19-inch chassis, Industrial rack mounted, Black
  • Power Environment:
    • Power input auto range, 90~240Vac, 50/60Hz
    • Operating temperature: 0~60°C
    • Relative humidity: 5%~95%
  • Processor:
    • Embedded Windows XP OS
    • Upgradeable AP Image
  • Front Panel Display:
    • Power LED
    • DOM access LED
    • System Ready LED
    • 2 x 16 dot-matrix LCD display
  • WAN/LAN Interface:
    • 10/100/1000 Base Ethernet x 2
    • SIP service & management IP address
  • System Requirements:
    • External MS-SQL based database (do not support My-SQL)
    • External RTP resource server 5100 for NAT Traversal
  • Made in Taiwan

Selected Features

  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forward
  • Call Forwarded Notice
  • Call Screening
  • Caller ID Privacy
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Hold
  • Call Pickup (Global, Group)
  • Specified Call Pickup
  • Find Me
  • Short Code
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Miss Call Notify by Email
  • ANI Replacement
  • Call Return
  • Hide ANI/Show ANI Selection
  • Call Park/Retrieve
  • Call Camp on
  • Display Name Replacement
  • PSTN Number
  • Ring PSTN & IP Device Simultaneously
Ready-to-Run Value Added Service
  • System Announcement Service
  • Multi-Company Auto Attendant
  • Voice Mail Service
  • Coloring Ring Back Tone Service
  • Number Change Notice
  • Call Forward Notice
  • Call Forward Notice and Forward
  • Call Interception
  • Call Recording Service
  • IP Centrex
Application Examples
  • VOIP Core Service
  • VOIP Class 5 Subscriber Service
  • Internet Exchange Service Center
  • Hosted IP-PBX
  • Medium to Large Enterprise IP-PBX
  • VOIP Call Center
  • Microsoft LCS 2005 Integration
  • Exchange 2007 Integration
  • NGN SIP based softswitch

WellSIP 6550 can be used as ITSP Telephony Service Provider Application with Carrier
Grade SoftSwitch up to capacity 100,000 subscribers. The HA Redundant technology
ensure 24 x 7 one week service without interruption. It supports NAT Traversal with
external RTP resource server 5100. An MS-SQL database server is required to install
externally to support subscriber account messages. The pre-paid and post-paid Billing
server and Border Gateway controller SBC 5800 also supported to provide flexible
business model.

Application 1: ITSP NGN softswitch typical diagram

The E1/T1 gateway provide ISDN PRI, CAS, R2 signal, QSIG and ISUP/SS7 protocol to
connect to PSTN or PBX device to link voice call between PSTN and IP Network.

Application 2: Hosted IP-PBX
An external MS-SQL Database and RTP Resource Server 5100 are required to establish
an WellSIP 6550 SIP Telephony Proxy server.
The WellSIP 6550 is also working as an Hosted IP-PBX with Telephony Service with
various small office or medium to large enterprise PBX application.

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