WellRTP 5100RTP Resource Server



  • External RTP resource Server
  • Extend RTP Resource for Service
  • Bundle with SIP Server,
    Soft-Switch, or SBC



WellRTP 5100 is a dedicated RTP resource server for WellSIP
6500 SIP Proxy Server and WellBG 5800 SBC. It frees the
limitation of 384 concurrent RTP proxy sessions and greatly
decreased the WellSIP 6500/WellBG 5800 loading. Multiple
WellRTP 5100s will be automatically back-up and load
balancing by WellSIP 6500 or WellBG 5800. Also the preferred
RTP resource server can be set for each subscriber on WellSIP



Unlimited RTP Resource
(WellRTP 5100 working with WellSIP 6500)

  • N+1 Unit Redundant
  • Load Balancing
  • Preferred RTP Farm
  • Failure Detection
  • Optimized Network Utilization

Soft-Switch SBC/Extended RTP
(WellRTP 5100 working with WellBG 5800 SBC)

  • N+1 Unit Redundant
  • Sub-second Fail Over
  • Soft-Switch Protection
  • Support SIP Domain
  • SIP Proxy Protection
  • Multiple Service Port
  • NAT Traversal
  • External RTP Resource Server
  • Support WellRec Lawful Interception/IP Recorder
  • Register TTL Conversion
  • No Subscriber Inside Settings

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