Built-in 4-port FXO gateway IP-PBX for small office


ePBX40 Rear view

ePBX40 Front view


  • Up to 60 registration IP devices
  • Each left Voice mail can be Email to desire Email address
  • Up to 10 NAT Traversal concurrent calls
  • Superior Echo Cancellation on built-in 4-FXO gateway
  • Support BLF Busy Line or Busy Extensions status
  • Record FXO disconnect tone automatically
  • Flexible Auto Attendant
  • Provide Call Detail Record (CDR) in real time
  • Flexible Routes and Dial Plans



ePBX40 is small SIP based IP-PBX with built-in 4-port FXO gateway
and allow external up to 60 IP devices to register. Configure both
FXO and IP-PBX at the same webpage to reduce extra works during
installation.This device is suitable for small office PBX application
for inter-office calls, or it talks to remote office via internet or VPN
inetwork.The local incoming call from PSTN Lines can be answered
from assigned IP phone or group extensions. It is easy to connect
with local PSTN Line or PABX’s extensions.

It supports Rich traditional PABX features and flexible connection
with other analog Telephony and IP based devices. Calls can be
implemented between them by using existing dial behavior
without hassle.


ePBX40 is a SIP IP-PBX device to connect with existing analog PSTN network to receive/make
calls and transform to IP device such as IP Phone via built-in 4-port FXO Lines. And also
connect to remote IP-PBX or IP Telephony Service Provider’s SIP Server to make IP calls.
It allows remote IP devices which were installed behind router to register and make calls.
Smartphone install swith SIP app can be registered to this IP-PBX and make call as well.
It is compatible with broadband internet service device such as ADSL/Cable Modem and
WiMax/3G Modem via WAN port and local IP devices to connect at LAN port to call between
WAN and LAN ports. The following diagram is a typical application at small office which install
IP Phone and your computer at the local network (LAN) via DHCP mode.



Busy FXO Lines or Busy Extension (BLF) indication

ePBX40 support BLF features. By connecting an IP Phone with LCD
display such as iP380 which has built-in 8 Icons to indicate the
current status of your desire FXO line or other extensions.

Here is iP380 IP Phone LCD display. By seeing flashing Icon, you
realize the FXO Lines or Extensions are in busy state currently.



  • Interface:
    • Ethernet port (RJ-45, 10/100 base-T)
    • 1-WAN port, connect to IP Network
    • 1-LAN port connect to local network
    • Built-in 4 ports FXO Lines (RJ-11 x 4pcs)
    • DC +12V power input Jack
    • LED Indicator for System, SIP and FXO/PSTN status
    • LED is flashing when RJ-11 wire was not connected
  • IP Network connection
    • IPv4 (RFC 791) for WAN and LAN ports
    • Static IP
    • WAN : DHCP, Fixed, PPPoE, DDNS
    • LAN : Fixed Private IP
    • PPPoE Client
    • DDNS ( DynDNS )
    • DNS Client
    • NAT traversal for Voice and SIP signals only
    • Install behind NAT
    • Remote and local NTP server with time zone configuration
    • TCP/UDP (RFC 793/768)
    • RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889/1890)
  • SIP Protocol :
    • RFC3261 compliance
    • SIP UDP Protocol
    • Support SIP compact Form
    • Support SIP HOLD Type
    • MD5 Digest Authentication (RFC2069/RFC2617)
  • Audio Codec :
    • G.711 A-law/μ-law, G.729 pass-through
    • LEC : Line Echo Canceller
    • Packet Loss Compensation
    • Automatic Gain Control
    • G.168 Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Dialing Plan with Add and Drop dialing digits
    • Selectable Disconnect Tone configuration
    • Support Specified Line Calling
  • Call Features (built-in 4-port FXO Lines) :
    • Caller ID recognition DTMF (before/after 1st ring) and FSK (before 1st ring ),
      ETSI and Bellcore
    • Loop Current Drop Detection to release FXO port
    • Disconnect tone recognition to release FXO port
    • Record disconnect tone automatically for further analysis
    • Each extension can assign one Email address to forward left voice mail.
    • Superior Echo Cancellation on built-in FXO Gateway
    • Record disconnect tone automatically for further analysis
    • Two sets of Disconnect Tone are available to detect correctly.
    • Configure Tone Frequency, Cadence, Level and Cycle
    • Built-in a variety of Country’s tone default setting
    • NAT Traversal configurable
    • Out-Band DTMF : RFC2833 and SIP Info
    • Call Waiting Indication
    • Busy Line Call Monitor : Caller/Called number, start/stop time.
    • Extension and Trunk current setting indication
    • Call Forward (Busy, Unconditional, No Answer, unavailable)
    • Configurable Call and Pickup group
    • Call Hold
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Park
    • Flexible Dial Plan
    • Configurable Feature Codes (PABX features) to dal from keypad
    • Support 2 Offices/Locations call rule to configure
    • Call-in Rule : desire working/non-working time, Operator Group, desire
      Auto-Attendant play time.
    • Outgoing Routing Rule (Drop and Add)
    • Incoming Routing Rule (Drop and Add)
    • Extension Group Setting
    • Hot Line
    • Configure maximum concurrent SIP or FXO Trunk calls
    • Desire Trunk ID call
    • SIP Trunk registration setting
    • Outgoing SIP Caller ID Selection
    • Flexible Routing Plan
    • BLF, Busy Extension Status Indication
    • ON-HOOK Voltage: -48Vdc
    • Provide real time CDR to external Billing server or store inside
    • CDR Storage inside ePBX80 up to 500 records.
    • Administrative Telnet, CLI and HTTP (Windows IE Browser Only)
    • HTTP port and user ID, Password control
    • Telnet port and user ID, Password control
    • Firmware and Library upload
    • Hold Tone (Music RBT) File upload
    • Import(Upload) Configuration, IVR package, IVR(gsm/g729) file
    • Export(Download) Configuration, IVR package for backup.
    • Configuration Backup/Restore
    • Reset to Factory default setting
    • Soft-Reset or Reboot System
    • Status display: Line, SIP Trunk status
    • RS-232 DB9 Console port
  • Environmental :
    • Physical Dimension: 17.5(W) × 3.2(H) × 12.6(D) CM
    • Weight: 0.9kg (One unit with packing)
    • Operating Temp. & Humidity
      • Temp.: 0°C~45°C (32°F~113°F)
      • Humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    • Maximum Power Consumption: 10 Watts (0.8A at 12Vdc)
    • Power Adaptor:
      • INPUT: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
      • OUTPUT: DC 12V, 1.5A
  • Approvals:
    • CE, FCC, LVD and RoHS
  • Country of origin:
    • Made in Taiwan
  • Packing Accessories
    • ePBX40 main unit x 1 pcs
    • AC to DC+12V Power adaptor x 1 pcs
  • Warranty
    • One year


Note: If you need more FXO ports, you can install an external 4 or 8 ports FXO gateway
 (i.e. WellGate 2540, 2680) to expand additional 4 -8 Lines FXO.


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