SIP based Softphone for IP-PBX application


Above screen is SP362 which is registered to IP-PBX 6200, 6200GS or 6200S and
ready to make or receive a call.


SP362 supports IP-PBX telephony features at PC windows based softphone. It is
suitable for frequent traveler and home working users who can make or receive
calls within office IP-PBX no matter where you are.

SP362 also can initiate or attend an conference call. It can retrieve or left a voice
mail. There are two lines for your flexibility to make or receive a call.

The following screen of SP362 is ready to configure SIP Proxy ( SIPPBX 6200GS,
6200S and 6200 ), Account and network IP. When the PC connect to internet such
as DHCP, PPPoE, Wi-Fi, 3G, static IP with public IP or private IP, then SP362 can
register to SIPPBX 6200 products to be ready for service.



Once SP362 is working with SIPPBX 6200x IP-PBX, It provide rich features with
PBX Telephony. Here are some examples how to use SP362 softphone together
with SIPPBX 6200x IP-PBX.

1. When working Home or Traveling

When you have accessed to internet with public or private IP, SP362 at your PC
or Laptop can register to your office SIPPBX-6200x. The SP362 is working as you
are in the office. Your colleague can call you via your extension number. You can
make PSTN call via office PBX or retrieve voice mail. Also, any incoming call from
PSTN can ring your SP362 softphone as well. You never miss an important call or
an order.


2. Talk to your customers FREE

It improves the relationship by providing SP362 softphone to frequent contact
customers. They can be an extension of IP-PBX to call between office and
customers. However, you can restrict these softphone to call extension only
without calling PSTN phone.


3. Intelligent NAT Traversal

SIPPBX 6200x has intelligent NAT traversal features to handle extensions which
was installed at private IP ( behind router ). You don't need to configure router or
firewall to pass the NAT call. The SP362 also can pass through private IP when
you are at office, Hotel or home private IP. It allows to make a call between two
private IP.


4. Secure a privacy Talking

The SP362 softphone support voice packet and SIP signal with encryption. This
application avoid any ISP blocking to prohibit VoIP call. It gives you an secure
privacy talking.


Key Features

  • Support SIP Proxy 6500 register *(optional)
  • SIP RFC 3261 compliance
  • Multiple Lines
  • Codec Support: G.711, G.729A
  • Visual Icon Indicators
  • Phone Book
  • Call Hold
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Mute
  • Call Forward
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Missed Call
  • Call History
  • Find Me
  • Call Camp On
  • Voice Mail & SIP WMI
  • SIPPBX 6200 server based conference
  • Quick Conference Create
  • Group Pickup
  • Call Pickup
  • Coloring Ring Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone

Recommended PC Windows System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4 or above
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 20 MB HD space
  • Welltech USB phone K-1000/K-1010 or Headset/Microphone
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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