Welltech LP-388A/388 IP Phone Firmware updated Note

Date: Oct- 1- 2007





Model Name:





Release new SIP APP firmware for LP388/LP388A: LP388sip.102

Release contents

Bug Fixed

1)     Fixed after receiving 423 message 4 times, LP388 will no longer send register packets.

2)     Fixed some Video phone call to LP388, the call can’t be set up. Because LP388 doesn’t respond “video=0” header on 200 OK packets.

3)     Remove “ptime” header on INVITE packets.

Feature and Function Added

1)     Add “BLI (Busy Lamp Indicator)” function to work with Welltech ePBX100/100A, SIPPBX 6200GS/6200S, WellSIp 6500 & Asterisk server (TriBox sever). Detail information please view Figure 1.

2)     Add “Broadcast (Paging and Intercom)” function to work with Welltech  6200GS/6200S & TriBox sever & Asterisk server. Detail information please view Figure 2.

3)     Add “Blind transfer feature on Blind button”. Detail information please view Figure 3. (Without confirming transfer target before hanging up call)

4)     Support VLAN function. ( 802.1Q VLAN) Detail information please view Figure 4.

5)       Define two transfer feature choice item “Consultant Tran Only” and “Auto (Consultant & Blind Tran)” on Tran button. Default: Auto.

WEB management -> System Configuration -> Feature Configuration -> Tran button 

6)     Add “OK” button defined End of Dial Key feature.

7)     Add after connecting network, LP388 can send unregister packets to SIP server first, then duration 10 seconds it will send register message to SIP Server again.

8)     Add display register status information on WEB management.

WEB management -> System Status -> System Status

9)     Add support “PRACK” (RFC3262) command for voice connection.

10) Add support “UPDATE” (RFC3311) command for SIP signal communication.

11)  Add produce “Re-order Tone”. After ending call, received BYE side will   produce “Re-order Tone”.

12)  Supports Fixed IP of PPPoE mode.

Known Bugs

1)     Session timer & Mini Session timer function when LP388 receive call waiting signal, it goes to 3-way conference automatically. So default value was disabled.

Default Configuration Item Changed

1)      Change hold tone => Frequency: 350hz / 440hz, Cadence time on / off: 1000ms / 1000ms.

2)      Delete “Local Prefix Function” setting from WEB management.

Application Block Diagram

文字方塊: e-PBX100/100A
Asterisk server
Figure 1: (BLI: Busy Lamp Indicator)













1) BLI (Busy Lamp Indicator) it was defined on F1/ F2/ F3 three function keys.

2) Asterisk Server, ePBX-100A, 6200GS/6200S and WellSIp 6500 must configure which phone number can monitor status of other extension.

3) Enable BLI function on LP388 (A), inputs monitored number from WEB management.

For example: A wants to monitor extension B and C.

A’s BLI configuration:

System Configuration à Function key Configuration.

LED Indicator: ( status of the monitored extension)

      Light off: IDLE.

      Solid: Proxy server doesn’t support this feature or the subscribe can’t monitor/ unregister/ in use

      Flash: Incoming call.

   When B makes call to C, F1 LED of A will solid; F2 LED of A will flash.

* The three Keys also support Speed dial feature.( By one touch dialing)

   A hits F1 button auto dialing to B; hits F2 auto dialing to C.


Figure 2: (Broadcast: Paging and Intercom)

B& C will auto off-hook with speaker mode.













* Caller: Asterisk Server must configure which phone number can send “broadcast” message first.

* Callee: It will be auto enabled on this firmware version at LP-388. User can’t disable it.

* If A can dial specific number to make broadcast call. (Specific code was defined by Asterisk server.)

For example: Specific broadcast dials **9+extension number.

            Group broadcast dials **12.


 Scenario 1: A makes specific broadcast call to B and B is on IDLE.

   Call procedures: (Red Path)

A presses **9+B’s number. B will auto pick up with speaker mode and LCD of B will display “Broadcast” sign and A’s number.


Scenario 2: A makes specific broadcast call to B, but B is conversation with C.

   Call procedures:

a. A presses **9+B’s number. B will auto pick up, LCD of B will display “Broadcast” sign and A’s number.

b. The voice channel: A just can hear B’s voice; C also can just hear B’s voice. But B can hear voice of A and C on the same time. B can hit “c” button to cancel broadcast call.


Scenario 3: A makes group broadcast call to B and C.

   Call procedures: (Blue Path)

A presses **12 to make call, B and C will receive broadcast invite on the same time and auto pick up with speaker mode, LCD of B & C will display “Broadcast” sign and A’s number.


Figure 3: (Blind Tran button feature)















Scenario 1: B blind transfer A to C without confirming C.

   Call procedures:

a. When A are conversation with B, B hits “Blind Tran” + C’s number, B will auto return IDLE status before hearing C’s voice, and A will invite C directly.

b. After B blind transfer A to C, but C responds 486(busy) or 404(not found) to A. After 5 seconds, A will auto invite B again. (Note: A must be LP388 device.)


Figure 4: (VLAN function: 802.1Q VLAN )














1) LP388 supports “VlanPriority” & “VlanID” two configuration.

2) Configure from LCD menu & WEB management:

  a. LCD menu:

     Hit “” access LCD menu -> hit “▼” searching “Network Setting” -> “VLAN item. The item you can find out three sub-item:

     Mode: ON/OFF (default: OFF)

     Vlanid: 5 (range: 4~4096)

     VlanPriority: 4 (range: 0~7)

  b. WEB management:

     WEB management -> Network Configuration -> VLAN








WELLTECH WEB Site: http://www.welltech.com/

Firmware Download: http://www.welltech.com/support/lanphone_388.htm



After updating this firmware, please remember to give command < flash clean > to restart this unit.




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