Date: 20070430




Irene Ko

Model Name:





SIPPBX 6200GS/S 2.2 New Release

Release contents

Bug Fixed


Feature and Function Added

SIP RFC 3261 Compliance

Support G.711, G.729A, G.723.1*(optional)

Support SIP/RTP Encryption/Decryption

Support RADIUS Server or Enterprise Billing via TCP

Support High Available Redundant (optional)

Auto Attendant

        Web-Base Auto Attendant Flow Editor

Scheduled Special Announcement

Holidays Working Time Support

Multiple Language Support

Support Branch Office

Support Transit Call

Voice Mail

Web-Base Voice Mail Flow Editor

Personal Greeting

Multiple Language Support

Native TTS (Chinese & English & Japanese) Support

Support Additional Customized TTS Language

Message Waiting Indication

Email Notify

Web Retrieve

Phone Retrieve

Conference Bridge

        Support RFC 4579 (without XML)

Ad-Hoc Conference

Virtual Conference (Meeting Me)

Virtual Conference (Ad-hoc)

Event Tone Notice

Up-to 8 Participants per Room

Quick Conference by Soft-phone (SP362)

Enhanced Service

System Announcement Service

Company-wide Coloring Ring Back Tone Service

Voice Router

        Public and Private IP Legs

        SIP-awared RTP Routing

        Natural VOIP Firewall/NAT

Optional Features

        Traveler Soft-phone (SP 362)

        Operator Console Software

        Enterprise Billing Software

        Web Caller Module (optional)

        Microsoft Live Communicator/Exchange 2007 Module (optional)

Selected Telephony Features

Call Transfer

Call Forward

Call Forwarded Notice

Call Screening

Caller ID Privacy

Call Waiting

Call Hold

Call Pickup (Global, Group)

Specified Call Pickup

Find Me

Short Code

Do Not Disturb

Miss Call Notify by Email

ANI Replacement

Call Return

Hide ANI/Show ANI Selection

Call Park/Retrieve

Call Camp on

Display Name Replacement

PSTN Number

Ring PSTN & IP Device Simultaneously

Broadcasting Service (dedicate CPE is required)

Recording on demand (dedicate CPE is required)