Welltech Product Release Note

Date: 20090508




Irene Ko

Model Name:

SIPPBX 6200 (N, S, GS, HA)




SIPPBX 6200 V3.1.0 Release Note

Release contents

Bug Fixed

1.      Changed subscriber max concurrent call calculation started by call attempt instead of call connected.

2.      Performance Improvement

3.      Fixed recording failure when it is a camp-on call.

4.      Added p-preferred-id for a trust network

5.      Fixed wrong display name when UAC’s “Caller Info” is set to “Registered Tel no”

6.      Fixed AP crash when A find me to B and screen item includes allow and disallow at the same time.

Fixed external VOIP recorder (WellRec 5600) not working for voice gateway mode.

Feature and Function Added

1.             T.38 FAX-IN Termination*

2.             FAX to email (PDF attachment)

3.             Fax Access Thought Web Interface

4.             Support Office/Personal Fax box

5.             Toll/Call Restriction

-          Black List

-          White List

-          Talk Time Restriction

-          Office/Personal based Restriction

-          Flexible Effective Time

6.             Almost Expires Tone Notice**

7.             Service Setting Guiding IVR

8.             Service Setting Announcement service

9.             Programmable Conference Billing Owner

10.          Transit Call will be charged to Initiator

11.          Support Personal Greeting Recording through Telephone Set for Multi-language

12.          Extended Max Server Broadcast Target to 30

13.          Device Auto Configuration***

-          Centralized Office/Extension Phone Book

-          Centralization Dial Plan

-          Auto Firmware Upgrade

-          Support DHCP Server for Managed Extension

-          Time Zone/Time Sync

-          Service Settings

-          Programmable Refresh/Upgrade Time

14.        Plug & Play (Zero Configuration) Extension Device Support***

15.        CDR Report Enhancement


* Additional License is required

** CPE support is required

*** Support LP-600N series

Configuration Item Changed


Application Block Diagram



6200S: http://www.welltech.com/support/6200S_v3.htm

6200GS: http://www.welltech.com/support/6200GS_v3.htm

6200N: http://www.welltech.com/support/6200N_v3.htm

User Manual:

Firmware Download: