Welltech Product Release Note

Date: Dec-06-2010

Model Name:



Release Software for SIPPBX6200A: App62xx_100.app/ Kernel62xx_100.img/ ramdisk62xx_100.ram/ Lib62xx_100.lib 

Release contents

Bug Fixed


Feature and Function Added

1.         Protocol

l            SIP RFC 3261 Compliance/ Asterisk Compatible

l            Support IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

l            Network (IPv4): Support Fixed IP, DHCP, And PPPoE mode

l            Network (IPv6): Support Fixed And Autoconfig

2.         IVR

l            Web Based Auto Attendant Call Rule

l            Scheduled And Fixed Greeting

l            Support Branch Office

l            System Prompt Recording By Phone Set

3.         Voice Mail

l            Voice Mail To e-Mail (IPV4 Only)

l            Voice Mail System

l            Message Waiting Indication

l            Personal Greeting

4.         Toll Restriction

l            Provided Different Level Toll Restriction Service

l            Support Call Duration Restriction

l            Support Personal Password

l            Support Outgoing Call Routing Password

5.         Call Features

l            Flexible Extension Logic

l            CPE Based Call Transfer (Consultant, Blind)

l            Server Based Call Transfer (Consultant, Blind)

l            Call Forward (Busy, No Answer, Unconditional, Unavailable)

l            Call Hold/Retrieval

l            Call Routing

l            Call Waiting

l            Call Pickup (Global, Specific)

l            Call Park

l            Call Camp-On (Call Back on Busy)

l            CLIR (Caller Line Identification Restriction)

l            DND (Do Not Disturb)

l            Dial Group (Ring All, Sequential Ring, Dynamic Ring)

l            Speed Dial

l            Music Ring Back Tone

l            Music On Hold

l            Music On Transfer

l            Built-in CDR Report

l            Call Monitor

l            Broadcasting Service (6 rooms, 16 members per group)

l            Meetme Conference (6 rooms, 8 members per room)

l            Busy Lamp Field (RFC 4235)

6.         Codecs

l            G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law)

l            G.729

l            G.723 Pass-Thru

l            GSM

l            H.263 Pass-Thru

l            MPEG4 Pass-Thru

7.         Technical Features

l            Support Subscriber Registration for IPv4 And IPv6

l            Support Call Routing Between IPv4 And IPv6

l            Support RTP Proxy Between IPv4 And IPv6

l            Support T.38 FAX (IPV4 Only)

l            Support DDNS (IPV4 Only)

l            Built-in NTP Client/Server

l            Built-in DHCP Server (IPV4 Only)

l            Built-in Simple Firewall

l            Subscriber NAT Transversal

l            Behind NAT Support (IPV4 Only)

l            Voice Codec Transform (G.711/ G.729/ GSM)

l            Auto Provision (Welltech Proprietary)

l            Multiple Language Support

l            Management: Web Browser Management

l            HTTP Firmware Upgrade

l            Export/Import Configuration

l            Network Interface: 1WAN 1LAN

l            DTMF: in-band, RFC2833, SIP-Info

8.          Capacity

l            200 Concurrent Registers

l            50 Concurrent Calls


Configuration Item Changed


Application Block Diagram