Welltech Product Release Note

Date: 20071228





Model Name:

WellBilling 6600




WellBilling 6600 HA v2.0 Release

Release contents

Bug Fixed


Feature and Function Added

1.           Support subscriber based max talk time

2.           Active Account When First Success Call

3.           Support Subscriber based Time Zone

4.           Support Subscriber based Max Concurrent Call

5.           Support Unlock Subscriber Max Concurrent Call

6.           Support Enable/Disable Accounting Record features

7.           Programmable Setting of Changing Rate Group for Reseller

8.           Support Tax Rate and Profit Rate for Reporting

9.           Support Least Cost Route*

10.       Support Quality of Service Route*

11.       Support Priority Route*

12.       Support Remote Recharge through RADIUS**

13.       Support Multiple Language Web Interface

14.       Support Inter-Proxy Subscriber Routing*

15.       Support Low Balance Call Restriction

16.       Support Low Balance Announcement*

17.       Support Charge by Incoming Called Number

18.       Support Rate Plan Copying

19.       Flexible Granularity of Rounding Call Seconds

20.       Time Restriction Rate Plan

21.       Support Rate Group Currency Definition

22.       Selectable Account Origination and Type per RADIUS Client

23.       Recharge Plan by Month

24.       Programmable Report Column Definition

25.       New Report Enhancement:

-          Administrator Cost Report

-          Subscriber Prepaid Statement Report

-          Subscriber Postpaid Statement Report

-          Reseller Postpaid Statement Report

-          Reseller Profit Report

-          Subscriber Prefix Summary

-          Prefix Summary Report

-          Carrier Prefix Summary Report

-          Carrier Statistics Report

-          Trunk Group Statistics Report

26.       Support Monitoring Only Privilege User

27.       Support Separate Administrator Logon Path

28.       Support Real Time Subscriber Status Monitor


*Required WellSIP 6500 Release 3.0

**Support Welltech RADIUS format only

Configuration Item Changed


Application Block Diagram



WELLTECH WEB Site:   http://www.welltech.com/support/6600ha_V2.X.htm

Firmware Download:  hardware 1.0 OS image (same as WellProxy 6550): http://www.welltech.com/support/voip2/SIP%20series/WellSIP/WS6500%20V3.0/6550%20sdi/6550_sdi_HW1.0.zip

hardware 2.0 OS image (same as WellProxy 6550):


WellBilling 6600 V2.0 firmware:


User Guide:  http://www.welltech.com/support/voip2/SIP%20series/WellSIP/WellBilling%206600/V2.0/V2.0/6600_V2.0_doc.zip